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The short answer is yes, of course. SEO for small business does matter. But you probably knew that. Chances are what you really want to know is WHY it matters. As a small, local business you may think that potential clients and customers aren’t going to use Google or any other web search to find you…or you may think that because you’re small and local, you’ll show up in any search someone does anyway. Sorry, but you’re wrong in both cases. Let’s take a closer look at why your local, small business does need to pay attention to SEO.

People Are Searching for You

They may not know it, but they are. They may be sitting comfortably at home or asking Google or Siri to search for them while they’re driving around running errands, but that thing they’re trying so hard to find locally and can’t – that’s the thing you have!

Here’s the thing: if your website isn’t geared towards keywords related to that thing, they’re not going to find your site and they’re not going to discover that you’re just up the road from where they are right now…which means they won’t buy from you. Or if they do find you, it’ll be by chance rather than a planned, consistent, and predictable effort.

There’s ALWAYS Competition

No matter what your niche or how small you think your target area is, there is always competition. They may not be as local, but let’s face it, with the internet, people can get anything from anywhere. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that because you’re right there on Main Street people will know about you and come spend money with you.

The right SEO keywords and geographic keywords will set you apart from your competition, no matter where you are and no matter what your niche is. Ideally, you want people who aren’t around the corner to either buy from you online or make the trip to your location, right? SEO is how you make that happen!

So, yes, SEO really does matter for your small business – and now you know why. If you’re ready to optimize your site, EYOP can help!