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Getting started with Facebook advertising can seem overwhelming. There are lots of ad types and different ways to set a spend limit. You want to ensure your advertising dollars are effective at bringing in business, but it’s not clear Facebook ads will work. In fact, it’s possible to spend $100s or more and not see any increased sales! If you do it right, though, Facebook advertising can be a great way to increase your business. These Facebook Advertising Tips for Beginners will help you get started.

Be Relevant

This isn’t about being relevant to current news events or whatever is trending. It’s about being relevant to your audience. If your business sells educational products, your Facebook ads need to be relevant to teachers, principals, parents, or students. Pick one, not all of them, and create separate Facebook ads that are relevant to each one.


When creating a Facebook ad, you have the option to create your own audience (target) or use Facebook’s suggestions. Both can be successful, but if you’re unsure, think about this: Facebook has massive algorithms tracking everyone’s clicks, likes, etc. They likely know your target audience better than you do. So give their targeting a shot.

Use Facebook Pixels

When creating a Facebook ad, you have the option to use a pixel to track interactions. This is tremendously important in figuring out how to best hone in on people who will take action based on your CTA. Install a pixel on your landing page or other website pages (exclude thank you pages, since those people have already bought from you). The pixel then allows you to target people who have already been to those pages and thus are more likely to be interested in your ad.

Offer Something of Value

The key to any successful ad is answering for the viewer “what’s in it for me”. Your Facebook ad needs to have at least one clear line saying what they’ll get by clicking on your link. This needs to be something real, tangible. Things like “find your happiness” sound nice, but don’t offer something of tangible value. Instead, offer a free trial or download, or a specific goal such as “reach 4 million new clients on Instagram!” Being specific and clear about the value is critical to getting people to click, share, sign up, etc.

Keep it Fresh

If your ad copy and picture are the same week after week, month after month, people are going to get bored and essentially stop seeing it. They’ll visually tune it out. Keep it fresh and interesting by changing the pictures. An easy way to do this is with minimalist designs and bright colors. Change up the pictures and text every couple of weeks. You can set up a rotation so your ads stay fresh and you don’t spend the rest of your life dreaming up content and design ideas.

Facebook advertising does work – and quite well. You just need to crack the code on successfully using them. Start with the tips and then contact us for help!