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You know you’ve got a great website and a products and services people want. By now you’ve also realized that none of that means people are lining up with money in hand to buy things from you. Instead, you have to get people to notice to you. While there are many ways to do this, one of the most important is having your website listed in multiple places.

Why Should My Site Be Listed in Multiple Places

You should already have your site listed on Google. And that’s a great start! Perhaps you’ve listed your business on Yelp, too. Also a good thing. However, the more places your site is listed, the more likely you are to be noticed.


Each of those listings/links is considered a backlink and each backlink helps boost your SEO rating. Of course, the higher your SEO rank, the further up you’ll appear on the search results page. Listing your site in multiple places as other benefits too.

Increased Visibility

Not everyone uses the same search engines, therefore not everyone sees the same results. In addition, some people rely on business directory sites for local searches rather than a more generic Google (or other search engines) search. The more places your site is listed, the more likely it is people will find you when searching for the products and services you offer.


People buy from names and brands they know, like, and trust. The first several time’s someone sees your site they may or may not click through. And even when they do, they may or may not make a purchase. The more places your site is listed, the more often people will see your brand and the more comfortable they’ll be with it, increasing the likelihood they’ll buy from you.

How to List Your Site in More Places

There are several ways to do this. First, sign up for any free directories you have available to you. That’s a quick and easy way to generate backlinks. The next one is a bit tougher but is also necessary.

You want to have your site linked to by other blogs and businesses. To do this, you need to reach out and develop a relationship with them. Then ask them to do a guest post for you (and you do one for them). This way both of you will get a backlink out of it and have the chance to reach each other’s audience. It’s a win-win!

If you have more than one site, you can find ways to put links to them on both sites. Just don’t do it a lot, it will look like SPAM to those SEO algorithms. Finally, you can write and submit a post to high profile sites like Huffington Post or Forbes. If they publish it, you get a great backlink for your efforts.