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When it comes to growing your business, even a local one, social media marketing is essential. It takes traditional networking, where you’re able to interact with a limited number of people, to the next level, enabling you to reach countless potential customers. Successful social media marketing takes time and can be challenging. To help you get started, we’ve put together our favorite tips.

Top 4 Social Media Marketing Tips

Test Everything

You may love the copy and graphics, but that doesn’t mean your target audience is responding to it. Before you spend hundreds of dollars on one ad, test it with different audiences and tweak the copy/pictures accordingly. Also be open to changing your target audience. Start with $10 or $15 an ad until you hone in on what works.

Remember It’s Part of a Larger Strategy

Social media marketing is only one aspect of getting your business noticed and closing sales. Figure out where it stands in your process and keep that in mind with every post. When using social media as part of a marketing funnel, it’s often best to use it to sign people up for your mailing list by promoting a free download. Then use email automation to follow up with them and funnel them through to your sales page.

It’s Always Changing

Facebook in particular, and all other social media channels along with them, are constantly changing their metrics, how they collect data, and what the advertising tools do. To be successful with marketing your business online, you need to stay on top of these changes and adapt to them as they happen. (If that feels overwhelming, contact us – we’re happy to do it for you!)


You don’t need to post every day, although you should post at least three times a week. What matters is that you’re posting consistently and that what you’re posting fits into your branding and overall message. Cat videos may always be popular, but if you can’t somehow relate that video back to what you do, it doesn’t help you build your brand online.

Social media marketing is one of the most important things you can do to grow your business. Follow these tips to get started and don’t forget, we’re always here to help!