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Before the days of the internet, your best marketing tool was a sign with your business name at your location. Today, however, your best marketing tool is the internet – whether your business is online or brick and motor. Instead of a business without a sign being the sign of no business, a business without an online presence is the sign of no business.

What an Online Presence Looks Like

Having an online presence with your business is more than having a website and hoping someone finds it. It’s about building your brand’s presence online, much like networking in person, only it’s done via the web. This includes things like social media and newsletters as well as SEO.

To build your brand’s presence online, you need to have a link to your website posted in lots of places. This is called backlinking. Search engines use this as part of determining where your page will show up in their results. It’s just one part of the massive formula used in SEO. Don’t worry about hacking this yourself – EYOP is here to help!

It’s Social Media Too

Social media is a huge part of an online presence for any business. It’s not enough to have a Facebook page or a Twitter account anymore. You need to have active posts on the accounts and interact with other groups and pages and with your followers in order to truly have an online social presence.

And the fact is, Facebook and Twitter, no matter how active you are, aren’t enough anymore. They used to be the major social media players, but now Instagram and Pinterest have added a whole new dynamic. Pictures and videos are more important than ever before.

At EYOP, we help you determine the best social media outlets for your brand and help you reach your target audience. The more the right people see your brand, the better. It’s about building trust and brand recognition. Think of it like a political campaign. The more people who know a candidate’s name, the more likely that candidate is to win. The more people who know the name of your business, and are talking about it favorably, the more likely you are to grow.

If you’re ready to become known across the web for what you do, EYOP is ready to help! Contact us to learn more.